Everything that you've gone through has lead you to today...today can be the start of what you want for your tomorrows.

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I believe that in every challenging moment in life lies the opportunity for change. Change can often be scary and/or difficult however necessary to achieve inner peace, counseling can help move forward the process to achieve mental health. Wellness is key and in our conversations I explore your values during counseling therapy sessions. You are your own expert and I am simply a guide to help you discover your best self. I do explore all aspects of life that are important including physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual health. Sometimes our path in life is not clear and that is okay. Balance is key and not any one of these areas are more important than the other though on some days one may require more focus to keep us moving forward and eager to attain personal goals.

Typically our initial counseling sessions conversations are casual, it is a platform to ensure that I am the right fit for you. I like to understand, what brought you to start therapy and what are your intended goals, even if your goal is to set a goal(s).  I often assign small tasks from week to week to keep you on track. This helps us ensure that we are tracking progress and that anything we discuss and explore translates to something realistic and attainable in your life.

In therapy sessions I aim to educate my client in a safe & supportive environment while offering necessary comprehensive care. I understand that many people have hesitations about returning to or staring counseling however I will go at your pace.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above… be well.

Hablo Español- Llámame para programar una cita

Hablo Español- Llámame para programar una cita

Our space is warm and comfortable. I believe that the environment in which you share your most personal thoughts and feelings should be inviting.

Our space is warm and comfortable. I believe that the environment in which you share your most personal thoughts and feelings should be inviting.

Feedback from Current Patients...

My son and I have been seeing Chanel for some time. She has been very helpful in advising and suggesting solutions to situations. She has provided us the tools so that we can cope with whatever is going on at that time. The atmosphere in her practice does not feel clinical. It's like we are visiting a friend or family member, It's very relax and inviting. Which has help my son be open in our sessions. My son and I enjoy our sessions with Chanel very much. I know we will be deeply sadden the day we do not have go anymore. Thank you Chanel !!

Sincerely, Hector & Angel Santiago

Chanel is a non-anxious presence in the midst of my crises. She is an effective sounding board and helps me put things into perspective. Chanel has connected me with people and services in the community so that I could reinvent my life after a divorce. It makes me happy that my dog is welcome to come to appointments with me.

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